Event: Galapagos, Natural Heritage of Humanity – A Conversation

#Galapagos: Natural Heritage of Humanity celebrates 42 years. Learn about the new challenges it faces. We invite you to be part of this discussion

Tuesday 8 September 3:30 pm on Facebook Live or Zoom with Galapagos National Park

Galapagos: Natural Heritage of Humanity, Current Challenges in Conservation and Promotion

Washington Tapia, Ecologist and Scientific Researcher
Monica Paez, Insular Zonal Director Ministry of Tourism
Lenin Rogel, Msc. in Education and Social Development
Tito Gavilanez, Biology Teacher. Msc. in Intelligence Development

Presented by the Ministry of the Environment and Water

#Galápagos, Patrimonio Natural de la Humanidad celebra 42 años. Conoce sobre los nuevos desafios que enfrenta. Te invitamos a ser parte de este conversatorio

Martes 8 de sepptiembre 15h30 en Facebook Live o Zoom con Parque Nacional Galapagos

Galapagos: Patrimonio Natural de la Humanidad, Desafios Actuales en Conservacion y Promocion

Washington Tapia, Ecologo y Investigador cientifico
Monica Paez, Directora Zonal Insular Ministerio del Turismo
Lenin Rogel, Msc. en Educacion y Desarrollo Social
Tito Gavilanez, Docente de Biologia. Msc. en Desarrollo de la Inteligencia

Por Ministerio del Ambiente y Agua

Informing and sharing news on marine life, flora, fauna and conservation in the Galápagos Islands since 2017
© SOS Galápagos, 2021


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