Press Release: Covid-19 Update in Galápagos

🔴COVID-19 in Galapagos🔴


On the 24th August we informed about an inconsistency on facts between two Government Officials.

Former CGREG President for Galápagos Mr Norman Wray and Former Santa Cruz Mayor Mr Ángel Yánez

Each stated on their social media platforms one on twitter and the other on a statement that Galápagos did not had new cases of COVID-19, while the other rase awareness by saying there were new cases after the strikes in the islands.

No congruency on information and we did not get a formal answer after enquiring.

On September the 2nd, this statement became available followed up by the COE official rates for new cases of COVID-19 in #Galapagos

The document stated that after the riots there was a male activist which tested positive to COVID-19, who was involved in the riots in #SantaCruz



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