The reduction of tourism in Galapagos affected 80% of the population due to the pandemic

Inland tourism operators donated half a million dollars in food, PCR tests and others.

MARCH 02, 2021 08:00

Tourism, the main economic activity in Galapagos, has been affected since the arrival of the pandemic, which has impacted around 80% of the population which depends on this economic activity. At the end of 2020 there was a 73% reduction in tourists compared to 2019.

Faced with this reality, a group of Galapagos cruise operators joined forces, from the onset in order to face the health and social crisis caused, contributing more than half a million dollars in food donations for vulnerable sectors, [along with] PCR tests, rapid tests. of Covid-19, and oxygen tanks.

Additionally, the first isolation chambers, protection elements, respirators, among other medical supplies and laboratory supplies necessary for the care of citizens [were also supplied]. In addition, many were part of the coordination of humanitarian flights from the continent, to return to the Galapagos Islands.

The group of operators worked with the authorities of the Municipalities, Government Council, Provincial COE and the Red Cross in order to reach the largest number of people among residents, medical personnel and security during 2020.

Currently, faced with the need to reactivate tourism and the economy of Galapagos, the companies in the navigable tour sector which are operating have implemented biosecurity protocols that guarantee a unique trip to the Islands under the strictest protection standards.

Protection measures

The navigable tourism companies demand the essential requirement of the PCR test for crew members and travelers, in addition to temperature verification, shoe disinfection, use of non-contact hand sanitizers, single-use hand towels, check-in and delivery of information in digital format, in addition to the mandatory use of masks and social distancing in all public spaces.

According to Enrique Wittmer, representative of the group of operators that made the donation, “the responsible reactivation of the Islands is essential for the Galapagos population. As navigable tourism operators we are important actors in attracting tourists and therefore in boosting economic activity. We put all our effort and commitment to preserve the integrity and health of tourists who travel to Galapagos in search of an adventure like no other, through a differentiated and quality service that makes the Islands a safe destination ”. (I)

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