Breaking: Peru Seizes Eight Tons of Shark Meat from Ecuador

September 23, 2020 – 4:54 p.m.

The seized shark meat came from Ecuador and was to be sold in Tumbes. Photo: Taken from

In a joint operation, Peruvian authorities managed to seize eight tons of hammerhead and pelagic thresher shark meat (threatened species) in trucks that entered yesterday, September 22, a customs warehouse in the city of Zarumilla, Tumbes. The cargo came from Ecuador, as reported by RPP Noticias.

“At the site it was detected that the isothermal chambers of the vehicles contained the products that were brought from Ecuador,” the media said. The cargo would be valued at nearly $ 60,000.

The Environment Police, Customs, personnel from the Ministry of Production and the Special Prosecutor for Environmental Crimes of Peru participated in the operation.

“The seized product was donated by the Ministry of Production to the municipality of Zarumilla to be distributed to the poor population. These are internationally protected species such as the hammerhead shark and the thresher shark, whose tonnage is valued at 200 thousand soles and that in the Tumbes market it sells for 25 soles per kilo “, adds the Peruvian media.

In the images it can be seen that the sharks had their fins removed. These parts of the body are desired by Asian countries where they are used in traditional medicine and gastronomy.

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