Pacific Demonstration Update from Santa Cruz Island



Since the 16th August, riots had taken place in different parts of #Galapagos including: Santa Cruz Island, Isabela Island and San Cristobal Island.

Tents with protesters are still outside the main CGREG office in #SantaCruz waiting for formal answers and agreements to be concluded.

On Monday, Junta Ciudadana is having a formal meeting with Mr President @leninmorenog to discuss further the main issues that had not been resolved.

The complex scenario comes after the population of Galápagos depends 86% upon tourism. Business owners claim not to have the monetary income to pay for permits and be allow to run business as normal.

They mentioned that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, only few tourist are coming to the islands since the re-opening of the National Galapagos Park at the beginning of August, making it imposible for their business to survive.

Negotiations tables had taken place with CGREG President Norman Wray, Junta Ciudadana and various important key players, but there are no formal agreements made.



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