Interactive: Track Fishing Effort in the Galápagos

Learn More about Global Fishing Watch and Their Mission:

Global Fishing Watch is an independent, international non-profit organisation.

We were originally set up through a collaboration between three partners: Oceana, an international ocean conservation organisation; SkyTruth, experts in using satellite technology to protect the environment; and Google, who provide the tools for processing big data.

Our vision

Healthy, productive and resilient oceans where transparent and effective governance of marine resources supports biodiversity and sustainable development.

Our mission

We’re committed to advancing ocean sustainability and stewardship through increasing transparency. We do this by offering, for free, data and near real-time tracking of global commercial fishing activity, supporting new science and research, and boosting the global dialogue on ocean transparency. 

Within the next 10 years, we aim to track all large-scale fishing – some 300,000 boats responsible for about three-quarters of the global marine catch – and increase our ability to track small-scale fishing vessels.

Check out more about their research, including fact sheets in English, French and Spanish about their transparency program and work here:


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