#SOSGalápagos: Who We Are

#SOSGALAPAGOS: WHO WE ARE Informing and sharing news on marine life, flora, fauna & conservation in the Galápagos Islands since 2017 As our reporting has started to gain national and international attention, several lookalike accounts have started to pop up in the last two weeks. We hope this means that more people are joining our … Continue reading #SOSGalápagos: Who We Are

Understanding Convemar and Ecuador’s Maritime Borders

UNDERSTANDING CONVEMAR GEOGRAPHY On land, Ecuador borders Colombia and Peru and all three countries have associated maritime territory.  Due to the location of the Galapagos Islands (600 km west of South America), the maritime territory of Costa Rica extends south in the direction of the islands. Maritime and land boundaries are established and changed over time and … Continue reading Understanding Convemar and Ecuador’s Maritime Borders

Are Foreign Vessels Really Staying Out of the Galápagos Islands’ Economic Exclusion Zone?

ARE FOREIGN VESSELS REALLY STAYING OUT OF THE GALÁPAGOS ISLANDS' ECONOMIC EXCLUSION ZONE (EEZ)? WHERE IS THE FLEET? Since July 16, a fleet of approx. 260 Chinese fishing vessels has lined the edges of Ecuador's two economic exclusion zones.  This map is from July 23 - the red dots shows the fleet is along the southern … Continue reading Are Foreign Vessels Really Staying Out of the Galápagos Islands’ Economic Exclusion Zone?

What’s Going in the Galápagos Islands?

What's happening in the Galápagos Islands? Since the shutdown On March 16, Ecuador shut down all travel on the mainland and in the Galapagos Islands. The economy is almost entirely dependent on tourism and the Galapagos were just about to enter their high season. Without tourism, the economy ground to a halt and many are going hungry with no end in sight. As months turned into weeks, a number of different local solutions from residents have been proposed, including: Reintroduce long-line fishing for local fisherman Open airports to direct international flights instead of stopping in Guayaquil, where the pandemic is worse Redistribute jobs to permanent residents Suspend rent/bill payments during state of emergency Officials stand by local conservation policies & have not loosened local fishing regulations. Many feel that their voices are not being heard as they start to go hungry. SHARK FIN SEIZURE