The Interinstitutional Committee of the Sea was activated before the arrival of fishing vessels to the Galapagos

July 01, 2021 3:22 PM
Andrés García (I)

The Chancellor of the Republic, Mauricio Montalvo, mentioned that the Government is committed to protecting national sovereignty. Photo: Twitter of @MMontalvoEC

The members of the Interinstitutional Committee of the Sea (CIM) held a discussion this Thursday, July 1, 2021 in Quito, to publicize the tasks that this committee will fulfill in the presence of foreign fishing vessels in areas bordering the jurisdictional waters of Ecuador. 

The CIM is a collegiate body of the Executive Branch, chaired by the Foreign Ministry. It is also made up of the ministries of Defense, Environment, Transportation, Production, Senescyt and the National Planning Secretariat.  

The Chancellor of the Republic, Mauricio Montalvo, mentioned that the Government is committed to protecting national sovereignty. “We work in coordination to deploy actions that prevent any vessel from violating our sovereignty and prevent illegal activities on the high seas.” 

The Committee met for the third time on Wednesday June 30, a day after the Más Galápagos initiative alerted to the presence of a Chinese industrial fishing vessel named Shun Xing 18 in the south of the Archipelago.* 

The Minister of the Environment , Gustavo Manrique, informed that the fleet is international, not from a specific country, and that it has kept outside the 200 miles of Ecuadorian waters. He specified that for now the economic zone has not been violated, and in case of doing so, there will be the corresponding sanctions .  

According to the General Secretariat of Communication of the Presidency, the Committee is the “ideal” space to monitor the location of foreign fishing vessels “in order to provide a multidimensional and inter-institutional response.”  

In June 2020, more than 300 boats arrived to the limits of the exclusive areas of Galapagos and the continent. They located in intermediate international waters and fished for several weeks.   

The CIM also reviewed the actions of the Committee on the Outer Limit of the Ecuadorian Continental Shelf, future “presentations” to the United Nations on the extension of maritime territory in the areas of the Carnegie, Coco and Colón submarine mountain ranges. The new Organic Law on Navigation, Safety Management and Maritime and River Protection in aquatic spaces was also discussed.

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Editorial Note:

*The original announcement was made by Milko Schvartzman, though Más Galapagos subsequently reposted Schvartzman’s tracking capture of the vessel. Más Galapagos has been credited with the discovery, when the announcement was originally from Milko Schvartzman. Issues with a variation in the naming convention for the vessel were not known to Más Galapagos but were quickly clarified by Milko Schvartzman.

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