First Chinese industrial fishing vessel is installed in the south of Galapagos, according to environmental group

Every year the presence of the international fishing fleet on the Ecuadorian maritime border generates concern and unease in organizations.

June 29, 2021 – 10:48 am

The first Chinese industrial fishing vessel named Shun Xing 18 is installed in the south of Galapagos. Photo: Courtesy Milko Schvartzman

On the morning of June 29, the Más Galapagos collective alerted that through the Global Fishing Watch platform it was possible to detect the arrival of the first Chinese-flagged fishing boat in the vicinity of Galapagos.

This vessel is the first to arrive of the nearly 300 vessels which make up the international fishing fleet that arrives in this area annually and causes concern and worries both the Government of Ecuador and environmental organizations that have denounced the “indiscriminate” fishing methods of these vessels.

“The first Chinese industrial fishing vessel – named the Shun Xing 18 – is installed in the south of Galapagos. We ask for concrete actions to guarantee that they do not enter the insular exclusive economic zone,” said Más Galapagos on its Twitter account.

In an interview with EL UNIVERSO, the Minister of Environment, Water and Ecological Transition, Gustavo Manrique, affirmed that the Government is constantly monitoring the fleet together with the Armed Forces.

“There are three blocks of ships that can total approximately 300 ships. There is an activated committee of the Foreign Ministry, the Ministries of Defense, Production, Environment and the Ministry of Communication. We meet almost daily. We have the entire contingent that is working so that this fleet does not enter, and, if a ship enters (Ecuadorian marine territory), the full weight of the law will fall on it regardless of its flag,” said Manrique.

The official assured that so far it has not been proven that these vessels have transgressed Ecuadorian maritime territory, as they fish in the international marine corridor. In addition, he indicated that this fleet is composed not only of ships of Chinese origin but also of vessels with “flags of convenience.”

The Mas Galapagos collective has denounced the actions of this fleet and its indiscriminate fishing methods, which protected species such as sharks. The boats are located on the outskirts of the Ecuadorian archipelago because it is known that the Galapagos is a hot spot for migratory species. The organization has called for the marine reserve to be expanded to give greater protection to the sanctuary. (I)

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