Virtual exhibition, ‘New seed of the deep Galapagos for the world,’ is inaugurated

The sample is by the plastic artist Gonzalo Philippe Degel, who has lived in Galapagos for 50 years.

June 14, 2021 – 7:00 p.m.

Work of the plastic artist Gonzalo Philippe Degel. Photo: Courtesy

New seed of the deep Galapagos for the world is the name of the virtual exhibition that will be presented this Wednesday by the plastic artist Gonzalo Philippe Degel.

“We live in a time where art is developing in Galapagos; it is taking shape, amid so much influence coming from outside. Art must be born from an emotion, from a thought, from a philosophy consistent with your own history, your social mirror, your cultural and family mirror. Not be a copy of anything. By finding the authentic, we can translate it into art. The day will come when the art of Galapagos can be identified with its own imprint, as a Guayasamín is identified,” said Philippe Degel.

The plastic artist was born in Belgium, but has been a Galapagos resident for 50 years. He is a musician, singer-songwriter, poet, naturalist, painter and writer.

He is also co-founder of the Galapagos Cultural Association, manager and promoter of the development of the Galapagos arts as a way of life, and supports island identity and the role of art the community economy.

He also participated in the Fourth World Summit of the Arts for Peace. His works have been exhibited at the Zayapa Piano Bar and twice at Av. Charles Darwin, under the coordination of the Casa de la Cultura Nucleo de Galapagos.

The inauguration will be at 19:00. It will be broadcast through the Facebook account, YouTube and the website of the House of Ecuadorian Culture Benjamín Carrión. (I)

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