With a public bank debt resolved, Joan Sotomayor can now preside over the Government Council of Galapagos

Guillermo Lasso appointed Joan Sotomayor as his delegate to the islands, but he has not yet issued the decree to make it official.

June 7, 2021 – 5:51 p.m.
Updated on June 8, 2021

Joan Sotomayor (left) is President Guillermo Lasso’s delegate to the Galapagos Governing Council.

Joan Sotomayor Cobos, announced by Guillermo Lasso as the delegate to preside over the Governing Council of the Galapagos Special Regime, no longer has the legal impediment to exercise positions or functions of free appointment or removal, as had been warned by the Ministry of Labor.

Sotomayor had a debt reported by Banecuador, which is why he could not assume a position in the public sector, but he has already corrected the problem. This Tuesday, June 8, the same Ministry of Labor certifies that the delegate of the President in the island province no longer has such a restriction. For now, all that remains is for Lasso to issue the Executive Decree in which he makes his appointment official.

Last Thursday, Lasso received his 22 governors at the Carondelet Palace along with Sotomayor, who he appointed as his delegate for the archipelago, which has a special government regime.

Even without the decree that makes it official, Sotomayor traveled to San Cristóbal Island on Sunday, where he was received by a caravan of supporters from the provincial CREO movement, which he had led during the presidential campaign.

Sotomayor, like the governors, received Lasso’s directive to support the COVID-19 vaccination plan in their provinces to achieve economic reactivation.

In the case of Galapagos, the first thing would be for the Government Council to make the announcement through the Ministry of Tourism to eliminate the mandatory requirement of a PCR test for national and international passengers who have a vaccination certificate.

Since March 22, international travelers can enter Ecuador with a PCR test, a negative antigen test (carried out up to three days before arrival) or with the vaccination card, but the measure that is already applied at international routes from Quito and Guayaquil has yet to be extended to the Baltra and Santa Cruz air terminals, in Galapagos [where a PCR test was still required within 72 hours before arrival in the islands].

According to the Galapagos Chamber of Tourism, almost 7,000 tourists have entered the islands (30% of them are foreigners) since March, 69.07% more than last January. But the figure is still far from the 25,000 monthly visitors the islands received before the pandemic.

The island province has a population of 33,768 inhabitants; of these, 20,815 people over 18 years of age received the first dose of the vaccine as of May 28, which is equivalent to the entire adult population, according to the Ministry of Health.

The number of immunized with the second dose as of the end of last month reached 17,630 people, representing 87.62% of the adult population of the province. (I)

Read the original coverage from El Universo at https://www.eluniverso.com/noticias/ecuador/una-deuda-con-la-banca-publica-impide-el-nombramiento-del-presidente-del-consejo-de-gobierno-de-galapagos-nota/

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