The Isla Viva Music Conference festival can now be seen on YouTube

Poster of the Isla Viva Music Conference Galapagos. – Photo: Courtesy Isla Viva Music Foundation

15 May 2021
Eduardo Varas

The music gathering, with a focus on the environment and support for Galapagos during the pandemic, opens its online presentations this May.

It was at the end of July 2020, when the second edition of Isla Viva Music Conference started. At that time, the pandemic forced a core change compared to what happened the first time the festival was held in 2018. It was no longer possible to take the participants, speakers and musicians to Galapagos.

However, that did not change the main purpose of this festival. Its objectives are focused on awareness of protection, environmental care and knowledge sharing around these issues. Only one important element was added to the idea – due to confinement and fear, tourism in Galapagos declined. 

That led the organizers, Isla Viva Music Foundation and Saca el Diablo, to think about how to support the islanders and get the funds to make dozens of urban garden kits for internal consumption.

With the help of sponsorships, the Ministry of Culture and the contributions of the public to view the presentations online (privately), this aim was a success.

Thus, three months ago, the Isla Viva Music Foundation was able to deliver, with the help of the Galapagos Ministry of the Environment, 120 kits with more than 2,000 seedlings – seeds that are already germinated – which include tomato, parsley, basil and cucumber, among others.

That part of the project has been a success For this reason, as a gesture of gratitude, the organization opened the musical interventions to the public through YouTube.

Also showcases and shorter two-song presentations are available on this platform.

A way to keep the festival present

While the ideas are being developed and the project is being put together for the next edition – which should take place when conditions allow the festival’s presence in Galapagos – starting in May 2021, the Isla Viva Music Conference can be seen on YouTube .

The presentations of eight national bands and artists are available free of charge. Performances by Miel, Munn, Boris Vian, Bear Crew, LaTorre, Grecia Alban, Machaka, Swing Original Monks are available to everyone with just a click.

All the showcases of emerging musicians from various countries were also uploaded, including Ecuador, Canada, Argentina and Mexico.

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