Tour operators support the vaccination process in Galapagos with medical supplies

By Redacción 

This donation was made by Celebrity Cruises, Ecoventura, Kleintours, Lindblad Expeditions, Metropolitan Touring, Pikaia Lodge, Quasar, Rolf Wittmer, and Silversea.

Galapagos tourism operators delivered medical products to support the vaccination process for the prompt return of cruise ships to the area.

The operators donated 10,000 syringes, 80,000 pairs of gloves, more than 10,000 masks (both surgical and N95), 1,000 surgical gowns, 40,000 alcohol pads and alcohol gel, among other materials necessary for the administration of the vaccine to the local inhabitants. In addition to this donation, resources were allocated to cover the cost of food for the personnel who will work at the Galapagos vaccination points during the scheduled days.

According to Enrique Wittmer, representative of the tourism operators, “promoting prompt and safe reactivation is a shared responsibility that will improve the situation of the Galapagos people who depend on tourism for their daily sustenance. As operators of navigable tourism on the islands, we are convinced that immunization is a determining factor for the success of the economic recovery owing to the arrival of national and foreign tourists to the islands. This, without a doubt, will have a positive impact on the lives of the people of Galapagos and a positive impact in terms of the confidence that we can generate as hosts,”

For its part, the Government Council of Galapagos expressed that “we are grateful for the joint work between private and public institutions to promote the prompt and safe reactivation of the Islands. Since vaccination of the inhabitants is a determining factor to enable the success of the economic recovery in the tourism sector, we are grateful for the commitment of the tour operators who, from the first moment, joined forces to face the health crisis caused by the pandemic.”

At the moment, donations exceed half a million dollars which have been invested into different support initiatives to face the pandemic. Under the current situation, the Galapagos tourism companies maintain their support for the vaccination of residents as the starting point to reactivate the economic engine of the islands.

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