Korea Airports Corporation seals deal to operate Ecuador’s Manta Airport


Korea Airports Corporation (KAC) has been granted the concession to operate Ecuador’s Manta Airport, which represents a KRW540bn (US$480,000) project for KAC to manage and operate airport facilities including the passenger terminal, runway and apron.

KAC says it will conclude a contract with the Ecuadorian government at the end of June to take on full ownership of Manta Airport for the next 30 years (2021-2050). This will be KAC’s first overseas airport among the 15 airports the firm operates.

Manta is the largest port city in Ecuador, and is known as the Tuna Capital of the world; it is also the destination closest to the Galapagos Islands, a UNESCO World Heritage site. A new flight connecting the Galapagos Islands, Manta and Miami has been launched to increase the growth potential of the city for tourism, culture and transportation infrastructure.

KAC’s CEO, Chang-wan Son, commented, “This project is significant as Korea has successfully paved the way into the global market for overseas airport operation, predominated by other leading airport operators. We will make continued efforts to enter into new global markets by promoting our expertise in airport operation and outstanding smart airport technologies to contribute to G2G cooperation and economic development.”

Read the original coverage from Passenger Terminal Today at https://www.passengerterminaltoday.com/news/operations-news/korea-airports-corporation-seals-deal-to-operate-ecuadors-manta-airport.html#prettyPhoto

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