Ecuadorian on list of powerful women who are changing the world

Ecuadorian Patricia Jaramillo is one of the five inspiring women who tells her story.

March 31, 2021 – 11:42 am

Patricia Jaramillo Díaz, biologist and researcher for environmental restoration at the Charles Darwin Foundation.

In order to inspire more women and generate a change from the area of ​​social responsibility, the satellite direct broadcasting service provider DirecTV shows five stories of women leaders under the hashtag #MujeresPoderosas from March 2 to April 4, through its networks and its website.

This list includes an Ecuadorian, leader of the Galapagos Verde 2050 project and general coordinator of the Natural History Collections of the Charles Darwin Foundation, the biologist Patricia Jaramillo. The focus of the project is not directed to a single axis; each story has various perspectives and expresses various themes that are complementary to the UN objective for women in 2021: “Women leaders: for an equal future in the world of COVID-19” and, in the same way, relates to the SDG or Sustainable Development Goal #5 of the United Nations: “Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.”

The content company seeks to inspire more girls and women through videos and remedy the gender disparity that still exists, not only in our country, but throughout the world. [The content aims for its audience] to know and enjoy the stories of scientists, researchers, players, doctors who have said no and have fought to meet their goals and achieve professional excellence.

Learn about the stories that are part of the project:

Patricia Jaramillo (Ecuador)

“I always encountered barriers and people who did not believe in me for being a woman.”

Doctor in Biology. Researcher in Ecology and Conservation. Leader of the Galapagos Verde 2050 project and general coordinator of the Natural History Collections of the Charles Darwin Foundation.

Patricia is a researcher who has dedicated years of her life to the ecological restoration of degraded ecosystems. “I feel like a scientist who has managed to overcome many challenges and fears. And I will continue to do them as long as I have life ”.

Damiris Dantas (Brazil)

Dantas is a professional basketball player for the WNBA. He is part of the Minnesota Lynx team and the Brazilian national team. He has also participated in the Olympic Games and is on the list of elite athletes. Similarly, among the few Latinas who are in the most competitive leagues in the world.

Nadine Pavlovsky (Argentina)

“Fulfill my dreams without ceilings or borders.”

Chief Marketing Officer of DirecTV Latin America. With professional experience focused on multinational companies. He works generating innovative thinking and developing highly committed and motivated teams. First Argentine edition of the Women to Watch 2015 award.

“I feel a great responsibility to alleviate the obstacles of other women who want to grow,” she assures in her testimony shown in the video.

Wendy Sanassee (Haiti)

Wendy is a social entrepreneur. Director of Earth Spark International Operations in Haiti. Originally from Mauritius. He worked for several African NGOs, he moved to Haiti to be able to lead operations that with accessible credits and solar microgrids make energy available in rural communities, where it is unthinkable and thus little by little put an end to energy poverty.

The safest advice you can give is: “Follow your dreams and persevere. Sometimes, be selfish and put yourself first. Also, recognize when you can slow down and breathe when things get overwhelming. “

Paola Rodríguez Troncoso (Mexico)

Paola is a research professor and diver. Doctor in Oceanography and head of the project focused on the protection and restoration of coral reefs in the Pacific waters of Mexico (Coralina restoration project).

Their hard work has made an important contribution since after five years of rehabilitation, the program carried out has been able to graft 7,500 coral fragments and 200 massive corals on eight islands and four coastal sites with a survival rate of 90-95% and an increase double coverage. “You form goals every day and there is no limit to it,” says Rodríguez. (I)

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