Galapagos celebrates 48 years of provincialization

On a day like today, but in 1973, Galapagos became a province comprised of two cantons – San Cristóbal, with its port capital Baquerizo Moreno, and Santa Cruz.

In the midst of the pandemic, the Galapagos celebrate their festivals under strict biosafety protocols.

Galapagos is not only about nature, it is also the people who knew how to face the challenges of colonization back in the 60s and 70s.

These times were hard, but today their descendants can proudly say that they are the guardians of one of the most famous sites in the world.

In this special context of a pandemic, Galapagos celebrated its provincialization and cantonization festivals, as always with Ecuadorian fervor.

The inhabitants celebrated in contact with the sea, their main source of life and tourism, which they take care of against the constant stalking of industrial fishing fleets that affect the vulnerable marine life of this sector of the planet.

Long live Galapagos, the furthest province in the national territory, made up of islands and beautiful tourist attractions

The details of this news in the following video:

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