Third fishing summit starts today in Galapagos

Industrial fishermen, artisan, scientists, authorities and the community are part of the meeting.

Third fishing summit starts today in Galapagos

JAN, 23, 2021 | 10:48
The repercussions of the request of environmental organizations to expand the Marine Reserve of the islands are debated. 

Members of the industrial and artisanal fishing sector of the country, together with national authorities and environmental organizations, meet today, Saturday, January 23, and tomorrow, Sunday, January 24, in Galapagos, in the third fishing summit. The aim is to outline strategies in around fishing, as well as seeking joint action on the reality of the Galapagos fishing sector.

The event talks about how to achieve a common position regarding the problem in Galapagos, due to the difficulties of exercising this productive activity.

Jackson Torres, Vice Minister of Production, pointed out, during the opening of the event, that they seek to find a balance between producing and generating work, circular economy and “cleaner production.” This in the face of environmental questions about fishing. “You have to build consensus,” he added. 

Luigi Benincasa, director of Atunec, indicated that the event is paramount because the environmental sector intends to expand the special reserve zone, which would have repercussions on the work of the fishermen and therefore would cause a negative impact on the work of those who dedicate themselves to this activity. 

“In order to talk about sustainable fishing, we must first generate responsible fishing, without us there are no scientists, without us there is no authority,” added Gabrila Cruz, president of the National Federation of Artisanal Fishermen of Ecuador (Fenacopec). 

Cruz details that they oppose the expansion of the Galapagos Marine Reserve because the only thing it would generate “is damage to our activity, which we carry out responsibly, and which is the livelihood for thousands of families in the country.” (AVV)

Fact: During the day there will be technical-scientific exhibitions on the expansion of the Marine Reserve.

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