The foreign fishing fleet returns to approach Galapagos; since December it was detected towards the northwest of the Archipelago

The foreign fishing fleet returns to approach Galapagos; since December it was detected towards the northwest of the Archipelago

Defense Minister Oswaldo Jarrín shows a satellite photograph that confirms, once again, the presence of the foreign fishing fleet, since December 7, 2020. Screenshot. Gladys Rivadeneira

Quito – This afternoon, the Minister of Defense, Oswaldo Jarrín, reported that the foreign fishing fleet is once again present and is approaching towards the northwest of the Galapagos Islands.

During an appearance at the Assembly’s Committee on International Relations, Sovereignty and Comprehensive Security, Jarrín showed a satellite photograph in which, since December 7, 2020, 412 foreign-flagged ships, mostly Chinese, are identified to the west of the Archipelago.

Jarrín assured that on previous occasions, China has not violated the sovereignty of Ecuador and it will not do so because there is a preventive control and Ecuador is able to detect if this happens.

“They are set at approximately 400 miles and you can see the limits of the exclusive economic zone and the proximity of the ships,” he added.

Earlier, in other appearances on the inspection of investments by the National Police Social Security Institute, Assemblyman Pedro Curichumbi claimed that “while cackling” about these issues, the foreign fleet will return again in August and nothing has been done about it.

The President of the Commission, Fernando Flores recalled that there is a report approved by that table that must be submitted to the Plenary for consideration.

Meanwhile, at the diplomatic and fishing level, Ecuador is preparing for the meeting of the South Pacific Regional Fisheries Organization to be held at the end of this month in Russia, in search of setting greater regulations and restrictions for deep sea fishing.

Last week, the Foreign Ministry reported the second meeting with Chinese authorities to discuss this issue. According to the statement, China insisted that there is no illegality in their fishing on the high seas. 

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