16 children from the Galapagos will talk with NASA astronauts

16 children from the Galapagos will talk with NASA astronauts

Children will ask NASA astronauts questions via radio. Photo: Galapagos Infinity

16 boys and girls in the seventh year of Basic Education from Galapagos will have the opportunity to converse in real time with NASA astronauts.
January 5, 2021 4:38 PM

Through a statement released on January 4, 2021, the Galapagos Infinite program reported that this connection “will allow them to open their imaginary into space and learn first-hand about the life and scientific projects of the International Space Station.”

During the event, which will be broadcast on Wednesday, January 6 at 10:30 a.m. Galapagos time, on the YouTube channel ARISS, the children will ask NASA astronauts questions in English via radio. Among the concerns that the children will present are: what are the investigations they carry out to conserve the seas? How do you see the Galapagos Islands from the Space Station? What is life like in space?

One of the objectives of the meeting, according to the information, is that the 12-year-old boys and girls of the archipelago access an experiential education process that brings them closer to the marine world and natural wealth of their islands of residence.

Roberto Pépolas, from the Naveducando Foundation, explained that the program includes three educational axes: connection with nature, knowledge of the archipelago and island identity. “We aspire for the experiential part to transform their lives as future guardians of the Galapagos,” he said.

This meeting with NASA astronauts will mark the start of the 2021 activities of the Galapagos Infinite educational program.

Norman Wray, president of the Galapagos Governing Council, mentioned that the initiative seeks that “children empower themselves, develop their skills and new knowledge and increase their appreciation and perception of the unique environment in which they live, because we believe that only then they will be able to protect the future of Galapagos. “

The information indicates that from January 2021, digital and face-to-face missions will be carried out connecting the children of the four islands of the archipelago with activities on board boats, beach cleaning, sailing and surfing classes, and virtual exploration of visiting sites. , and impact of disasters with the Geophysical Institute and NASA, among other institutions and organizations.

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