Podcast: Ocean Poddy (S1E1) “SOS Galapagos”

🔴#sosgalapagos🔴 Podcast Episode by @oceanpoddy


SOS Galapagos! Right now, a 260 strong fleet of Chinese fishing vessels is sat at the border of shark hotspot Galapagos Marine Reserve… Ft. podcast guests @mission_blue@max_bello@sosgalapagos , @galapagosgsc TUNE IN

Full episode:
👉 linktr.ee/oceanpoddy

Special thanks to #SosMembers for speaking on this special episode ✊🏽
@gregaranea and Rubén Montalvo



Informing and sharing news on marine life, flora, fauna and conservation in the Galápagos Islands since 2017
© SOS Galápagos, 2021

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