China Agrees To Ecuador Monitoring Chinese Fishing Vessels

China Agrees to Ecuador Monitoring Chinese Fishing Vessels on the High Seas

5 August 2020 – 09:59

Among the preliminary agreements with China are that the Asian country accepts that Ecuador supervises Chinese fishing boats that are on the high seas and announces that it will severely punish and with a policy of “zero tolerance” all Chinese vessels and companies related to illegal fishing .

After a conversation this morning, Foreign Minister Luis Gallegos announced that there will be an additional meeting today to refine some points of the agreement.

Another point of the conversation is that China has ensured that it understands and respects Ecuadorian concerns and has recognized the Galapagos Islands as an important natural reserve in Ecuador, a cultural and natural heritage of all humanity, said Gallegos, in the Development Commission Economic from the Assembly, this morning.

In addition, China has announced that there will be a fishing moratorium for several months and the vessels will cease operations in said moratorium, they propose September to November, in the western high seas of the Galapagos protection zone.

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